No Ian Without Curtis

Unknown-Pleasures flip23Do you remember These Days? When you were a Candidate at a Colony in Warsaw, trying to convince the Leaders of Men to give a Chance to Sister Ray, you know, this girl who used to sing She’s Lost Control while working.

For Decades you were waiting for an Autosuggestion that will turn your mind back to the Ice Age. Don’t be a fool, this is not a bright Insight of human practice, it is just a Ceremony of the Day of the Lords, of those who want to make you believe that you are In a Lonely Place.

And those people, those Digital people, those Failures, who Walked in Line-they are still walking Inside the Line-for Twenty Four Hours everyday, believed that Exercise One was The Only Mistake that led to the Disorder of their minds.

No Love, Lost is like a Novelty Glass, spreading Isolation among Dead Souls, creating an Atmosphere of Wilderness, The Eternal Shadowplay in what people call The Kill. Do we have the Gutz honey, or are we going to stand there spitting and mumbling words of nonsense like Komakino and Passover.

This is my last Transmission my love, I get this feeling that Something Must Break for good. Don’t you see it darling, it’s A Means to an End, otherwise this Atrocity Exhibition we built, will lead At a Later Day to the end, to us wondering: From Safety to Where?

New Dawn Fades my love, and I can see myself standing there, right in the middle of the Interzone, thinking: I Remember Nothing. Don’t lose your nerve my Heart and Soul, listen for one last time the Sound of Music and keep in mind that even though You’re No Good For Me, the only thing that matters is that Love Will Tear Us Apart.


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