2013 the Greek way, the Greek wave…

Δώδεκα άλμπουμ:

a1169884632_10The You and What Army Faction / Anemic Royalty

SLIT (Split CD)

[Ghost Armor Recordings]
Bandcamp (TYAWAF) / Bandamp (AR)

KeepShellyInAthens_AtHome_coverKeep Shelly in Athens

At Home

SoundCloud / Spotify

FH-Dream-WeaponsFantastikoi Hxoi

Dream Weapons EP

SoundCloud / Spotify



[Inner Ear Records]
Bandcamp / SoundCloud

Larry-Gus-album-cover-Years-Not-LivingLarry Gus

Years Not Living

SoundCloud / Spotify

cover_1May Roosevelt

Μουσική σε ποίηση Ντίνου Χριστιανόπουλου


a4065580403_10Το Σύνταγμα της Ηδονής

Τα Σκόρπια 2 / Ένα Παιδί Που Το Λέγαν Βουνό

Bandcamp1 Bandcamp2

547890_530971416959783_1219005388_nΠαύλος Παυλίδης & B-Movies

Ιστορίες Που Ίσως Έχουν Συμβεί

[Inner Ear Records]
Bandcamp / Spotify

artworks-000048841426-pjw78n-t500x500Strawberry Pills

Conversation Piece EP

[Pink Motel Records]

a3583068460_10Plastic Flowers

Aftermath EP / Evergreen

[Manic Pop! / Crash Symbols, Inner Ear]
BandCamp / SoundCloud / Spotify

LUMIERE-WEBLumiere Brother

Twenty One

[Inner Ear]
Bandcamp / SoundCloud / Spotify

a3454426784_10The Boy

American Unicorn

[Inner Ear]
Bandcamp  / YouTube

Κι ένα σινγκλ:

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